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“Behroz — THANK YOU! The land package was incredible! Far beyond our expectations! We appreciate everything you and Sergi did for us more than you’ll ever know!”
Susan H. Wade
Carolinas Medical Center
“Thanks Behroz... Many thanks to you and your entire team... Most of us have an idea of what’s Involved with pulling off an event like this, and to be able to roll with the punches, create “Plan B’s” and even “Plan C’s,” contend with the weather and an occasional grumpy participant, and do it all in a very professional manner truly takes talent and dedication... Both of which you have in abundant supply (Thankfully).”
Dr. Mark DeFrancesco
ACOG District I
“A big thank you to all!...Indeed, thanks to all....none of us could have done it has been a team work....and now that it is finished, lets all work toward the next one !!!! merci et au revoir, JER.”
Dr. Jacques Emile Rioux
ACOG District I
“...Honesty and integrity are two of her (Mrs. Behroz Daroga) strongest qualities. She is a straight shooter and works diligently to get us what we want at a reasonable price. She has excellent interpersonal skills, and it is clear that she has the respect of her colleagues in the Italian tourist industry.”
Patrick J. Sweeney, M.D., Ph.D.
Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology


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