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    How long will it take MEC to begin planning my meeting/event?

    MEC can begin planning your meeting/event the day you assign us the project. Our first step will be to put together a dedicated “team” of meeting professionals led by a senior planner. They will begin working with you immediately to take your meeting/event from the concept stage to its full realization.

    Who will be my daily contact person throughout the planning process?

    You can count on your MEC senior planner to be there for you on a day-to-day basis throughout the development and implementation of your meeting/event.

    How does MEC determine its fee?

    Usually, MEC will determine its meeting/event management fee based upon our internal prediction of the number of hours and services required for your project. However, our fee can be based upon a percentage of the total costs for your project at your request.

    Are MEC’s services cost effective?

    MEC is committed to providing you with highest level of creativity, commitment, and service at the best possible price. In fact, some of our clients report that our negotiating skills, extensive industry relationships, and overall efficiency have resulted in cost savings that have completely absorbed our fee.

    Who will MEC send on-site at my meeting?

    Whenever possible, your on-site personnel will consist of your MEC senior planner and/or the junior planner who has been involved with your project from the beginning. If necessary, your on-site team can be expanded to include our fully-trained traveling professionals from around the world.

    Are you available for in-person briefings and input sessions?

    To ensure the quality of our projects, MEC welcomes every opportunity to forge a close face-to-face relationship with our clients. We are available to meet with you in person at any time — and at a moment’s notice.


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